The DateEase server comes in many variant, and this boot will try to cover all. This means that not every document is relevant to all server. All server has the same build up and shares a lot of components and methods.

LegEasy Connect

This server is a way to access data from LegEasy4DOS and LegEasy 6.53. It gives you the ability to browse data and run DQLs.

DataEase Development Server

This is the server that comes with newer DateEase versions. It is meant as a companion to the DataEase client software and as a way of running and testing the new formats. It is a single user server and are not allowed to use for any other user than the DataEase developer.

DataEase server

This is a multi user server that will serve pages and DQL pages defined in a DataEase application. It is meant to be deployed standalone or behind another web server.

DataEase scheduler

This is a DataEase server that will run timed operations for several DataEase application.