The dataeaseconnect.js will help you do connect to DataEase PRISM data and to do all the heavy lifting. This chapter will be the reference guide documenting all the different parts and how to use it with samples. The library will be described in many other chapter as well, but then in it's context like forms, data manipulation etc. The library comes with the server and are found in static/deserver under the html root of the installation. This is at the moment html\ckedit.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/deserver/dataeaseconnect.js"></script>
	var deconnect = new DataEaseConnect();

This is how you set up the library. First load jquery as this is used by our library. Then load dataeaseconnect.js, create the deconnect object and then do some forminit  code i you want to use auto form and you are ready to go. It you are only using the manual routines for getting and writing data you do not need to do the forminit code. The forminit code read the settings inside the html document and connects data, fields and buttons to simulate a DataEase form on web based on html settings only. For more information look in the form section of this book.